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Café de Flore - a cozy corner with a bewitching scent touch of French charm. Cozy atmosphere, stylish design with bright red details in the interior and trim is designed in Art Deco style - every visit becomes a small celebration that one want to repeat again and again. Having applied the same name as the prototype of a cafe in Paris, we were not mistaken: intelligent public and representatives of the business elite gather here, who can always enjoy a wide selection of dishes, home, national, European and Russian cuisine, prepared by a gourmet recipe.

Café de Flore is working on a self-service: the customer chooses in distribution lines prepared first and second courses, drinks and desserts - a varied menu from the chef allows everyone to find dishes to taste. Café de Flore always has: salads, pastries, soups, side dishes, hot and cold drinks, desserts, ice cream. Depending on the season, the menu adjustments are made taking into account the actual ingredients.

Time Café de Flore is subject to the needs of guests. You need to quickly whip up a meal and a faster return to work, or have breakfast "at home" to keep up the energy for the whole day? It features - a wide selection of food and drinks, home-cooked delicious. Do you want to linger over a cup of coffee, whiling away spare time, or waiting for a meeting with a client? Desserts decorate your stay with us, making it not only enjoyable, but also truly delicious.

Café de Flore one can eat "in haste" and full breakfast, dinner or lunch for a very affordable price, without leaving Darkhan business center.

Upon request of the guests of a boutique hotel "Darkhan" order can be delivered to the apartment.

Café de Flore is working for you from 08:00 to 20:00 daily. Bon appétit!