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Business Center / OFFICE SPACE

Darkhan business center offers a wide selection of office space, and has the honor to invite businessmen of the capital to consider proposals for the lease of offices ranging from 50m ² to 300m ², located on floors 2 and 6 B-C "Darkhan". Highly professional management of the building guarantee high quality management that meets stringent international standards.

The benefits of leasing office space located in Darkhan business center are obvious. The building is located in the city center with good transport interchange and a well-developed external infrastructure. Darkhan business center is located in the prestigious district of the capital, which is certainly important to strengthen the positive image of the lessee, which leads to profit increase. The flexible modeling of theofficeinterior in the open spaceor cabinet "cutting" formats create optimal comfortable conditions for work and a comfortable place for meetings and negotiations for customers and partners.

In Darkhan business center there are Cafe De Flore ofhome-cooking and Restaurant with a menu Fusion-La Saveur, as well as beauty salon Lavelle, thatcould be used by the staff of tenants, which certainly adds a significant plus to the work in our business center.

The premises of office fund of Darkhan business center have the modern layout and high-quality finish with the use of modern materials. All rooms are equipped with the necessary communication networks, including local telephone numbers and the internal network, air conditioning, ventilation and climate control temperature and humidity maintained by the fan-coil (winter-summer). Each floor is equipped with hot and cold water supply, sewerage and electric lighting. The corridors are equipped with fire alarm and video surveillance system.

The tenants who have a lease agreement with Darkhan business center, are offered:

  • conference room on the 6th floor Darkhan business center with space for receptions and coffee breaks;
  • modern high-speed elevators from leading manufacturers. Three modern elevators, provide a safe and comfortable movement on all floors of the building;
  • Darkhan business center implemented a system of "smooth floor" in accordance with international standards, environment accessibility for people with disabilities;
  • Secure parking for 40 places with convenient access;
  • Reliable around the clock security system (security is a 24/7);
  • Information services at the reception in the central hall of the first floor of Darkhan business center around the clock every day.

For the employees of the tenant companies daily open:

  • Restaurant La Saveur - from 12:00 to 23:00
  • Cafe De Flore-from 08:00 to 20:00
  • Beauty salon Lavelle - from 10:00 to 20:00
  • Mini-bank of the Mehnat branch of "Ipoteka Bank", offers a full range of banking services, based on the individual needs of clients - from 9:00 to 16:00

Today the main tenants of Darkhan business center constitute foreign companies and representative offices, as well as local companies.

Offices in Darkhan business center - for the prosperity of your business!

With regard to questions related to the rentof offices, please contact us by phone +998 91 135-00-08